About Billionaire Goat Club 

Billionaire Goat Club NFT

Combining art and music, we are offering a service for crypto gaming platforms - with a percentage of royalties going back to BCG holders. Future collaborations with music artist's bringing music NFT'S to the world. 50% of every piece of art and music produced (composed) by the BGC will go back to the holders of the NFT. By creating a DAO and community wallet, this is how we will be able to give a percentage of primary and secondary sales back to the community. We aim to be the first NFT collection to produces beats (songs) for well known artists as well as being part in the change of how we listen to and consume music. 

GOATED NFT Marketplace

Not too far down the road map we will launch GOATED NFT Marketplace. This marketplace will have a dedicated page for music artist to upload their music NFTs. We aim to make GOATED NFT Marketplace the biggest and most reliable marketplace on the solana ecosystem. All GOATED NFT holders will be getting a percentage of marketplace revenue, as well as buying and selling discount on the marketplace.

The MetaArena  

Now with technology being in the early stages regarding The Metaverse, we will create a MetaArena where artist and entertainers can showcase their talent in The Metaverse. BGC holders will benefit by holding their NFT as this will make you eligible for a free airdrop of the MetaArena ticket, which will give you life access to the arena - while you hold! Also while receiving royalties for a passive income! We will execute our road map and be sure to make a massive impact on the whole NFT space.

A Music feature from a world famous Artist

With funds from the mint we won't be paying any influencer to promote the NFT we will produce a song and get a well known artist as a feature. Nothing like a good song and music video to promote a brand!

Combining art and music

By minting you will securing your place on the Billionaire Goat Club Barnyard and in the MetaArena. So if your into art, music, performing, creating, producing, gaming or live shows then Billionaire Goat Club is the NFT you should be holding in your wallet. 

Minting Begins

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Price per Mint

1.5 Sol

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Our Roadmap

March 2022Billionaire Goat Club NFT Launch 

- Social Media Presence
- Sol Giveaway 
- Website Launch 
- Billionaire Goat NFT Reveal 
- Whitelist Applications 
- NFT Launch 
- Secondary Market Place  
- After Launch Goated OG Roles In Discord       (verified holders only)  
- More Sol Giveaways 

April 2022Billionaire Goat DAO & Token Launch
- Goated Token Launch  
- Billionaire Goat Club DAO Launch  
- Marketing & Promotion Campaign
- More Sol Giveaways & Competitions 

JUNE 2022 Goated NFT Marketplace Launch 

- Billionaire Goat Club Marketplace Launch 

- Gaming platform Partnerships (Audio&Fx) 

AUGUST 2022 Billionaire Goat Music NFT Drop 

- NFT Music Project Launch   
-  More Marketing with Music Artist 
-  Sol Giveaways & Competitions 

SEPTEMBER 2022 Billionaire Goat Club MetaArena 

- MetaArena Pass Airdrop  
- MetaArena Preview  
 - Roadmap Updated.  

Billionaire goat club team 

Billi The OG Goat is the founder and inspiration behind the Billionaire Goats Club, with his musical background, (from producing songs for artist to directing music videos) and his love for NFTs, he decided to create a NFT with music in mind. Billie couldn't see any platform dedicated to Music NFTs and the music scene. Bringing ideas to life is his passion! Vision is the artist on this project, she is from an Aerospace and project management background, but art is her passion. She is super excited to be involved in a project that can showcase her real passion. Knox is another artist on our team who will be involved in the architectural design of our MetaArena, he specializes in 3D art - wait till you see his up coming collection! NFT Love is our Marketing Lead and is running our marketing campaign. RJ Status is a wizz around all social media platforms, helping us spread the word about the Billionaire Goat Club. 

- see you at the Billionaire Goat Club Barnyard

Billi The OG Goat
founder/Lead Dev
Vision The Artist
NFT Love
Marketing Leader  
RJ Status 
Social Media Manager 
Knox  Artist
3D Artist/MetaArena Architect

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I mint a Billionaire Goat Club NFT?

Billionaire Goat Club NFT offers unique utilities to holders, such as royalties, a future MetaArena ticket to attend performances ( this ticket is valid for life while you hold ) as well as surprise airdrops and part of a strong community. 

How can I mint a Billionaire Goat Club NFT?

We have put full details of how to mint on our discord channel ( Mint Info ) 

What wallet do I need to mint on Solana?

Any Solana wallet, however most Solana wallets are desktop based but you can mint on a mobile using a Sollet Wallet. We have instructions on that on our discord channel 

What secondary marketplace will Billionaire Goat Club be on?

We will be on the leading Solana marketplaces, such as MagicEden, Solanart and SolSea